Receive gratitude. Believe that humans and indeed the very world is thankful for you. Accept that gratitude. Receive it in your heart and believe it. Believe that it isn’t just performative. Receiving it makes us more able to express and feel and give it in return. (My brilliant friend, Erin)

Snow fell in Cancerland last night. A lot of it. And it’s still coming down.

Technically, the snow fell in Iowa. It was our second big Winter Storm. Roads are still a mess, and more snow is coming down, so my appointments today with the breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, and…

“I’m going to throw you a curve ball,” my oncologist said. “Are you ready?”

I don’t think saying ‘no’ was an option. What I wanted to do was run and hide.

I had spent the last week getting comfortable with the new reality that my breast cancer surgery — scheduled…

Just when I think I’ve got my bearings, everything changes again.

Last week, when I met with the breast surgeon, I found greater clarity. My diagnosis was ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive ductal carcinoma. Right breast. Stage 1. Everything looked like I was a good candidate for oncoplastic surgery…

I didn’t see the breast cancer coming. I really didn’t.

Less than four weeks ago, the OBGYN felt (in her own words) “lumpy-bumpies” in my breast and referred me for a diagnostic mammogram “in an abundance of caution.” Since I’ve always had dense, lumpy breasts, I really didn’t give it…


1640s, “of or suitable for the Sabbath,” from Latin sabbaticus, from Greek sabbatikos “of the Sabbath” (see Sabbath). Noun meaning “a year’s absence granted to researchers” (originally one year in seven, to university professors) is from 1934, short for sabbatical year, etc., first recorded 1886 (the thing itself is…

Carolyn Herbst Lewis

Herbalist. Historian. Talks to trees. Listens to birds. Believes laughter is medicine. Writes as if no one is reading. Founder of Mamie’s Way Herbs, LLC.

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